Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Locations Needed for Feature Films

Locations Needed for Feature Films

Hello everyone, (These must be in Nassau County)
1)      For a feature film, they’re looking for a courthouse and school house to cheat for Portland, Oregon.  Should be somewhat modern, light.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference True Story.
2)      A Warner Brothers feature film is looking for an upper class neighborhood to simulate Washington DC.  Early March.  If you have any referrals, please e-mail and reference Hostage.
3)  Historical movie theatre needed for indie feature film. He already knows about the Bellmore Movies.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference Bird Man
I’m sure there will be more tomorrow!
Thank you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Award Winning Filmmaker Panel

LIIIFE 2013 Date Changes AND Award Winning Filmmakers Panel!!

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Hello everyone.  This year’s Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) will be held from July 18 - 25, 2013. (Please note that this is a date change) AND, we are open for film submissions now.  Take advantage of the deeply discounted earlybird prices AND we now offer student, filmmakers connection AND LIIFE Alumni discounts!  Apply at

We are having another filmmaker panel to promote LIIFE at Adelphi
University's Alumni House in Garden City, on Tuesday March 5th from
7pm-8:30pm. Our award winning panelists include Joan Stein Schemke,
Stevan Mena, Stephen Marro, and Steven Moskovic. Some of the topics
covered will be the artistic process, making sure your film is ready
for distribution and what to look out for when making a deal.

This is a free event and all are welcome to atten.You'll need to
RSVP. Please note that as of January 29th the site has not been
updated to reflect this event. You can RSVP by calling Tom Luberto at
516.877.3058 or email him at In the meantime,
please keep this link handy: If you
have any questions you can email Jim Cook at
We look forward to meeting you!

We’re very excited that LIIFE Alumnus, Julian Adams, will be releasing his film, Phantom, (starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny) on March 1, 2013 – hope you’ll support this friend of LIIFE!

If you’re interested in finding out up-to-the-minute information on film jobs that I hear about (both cast and crew) or locations needed for film/tv/commercials, plus other film related information (or my own personal musings), check  You can also sign up for our twitter account below, and I will tweet whenever I have anything film-related of interest.   Let’s keep the work here!!  If you are a filmmaker/casting person who knows of any positions, I can post those for you as well.  Please e-mail me details:  Union or nonUnion, personnel needed, whether it’s a paid position, when, where and what.  Thank you.

We’re now on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace AND have our own Youtube channel!  Come join us at:, youtube at:, myspace at:  and Twitter at:

If you had a film in the Long Island International Film Expo and have received a distribution deal (DVD, theatrical, and/or television), please send us a blurb and a link, and we’ll promote it for you on the Long Island International Film Expo facebook site.

If you have a home in Nassau County and would like to list it as a possible location for film/tv/commercial production, please contact or call 516 571-3168.

If you have a business, service, or headshot you would like to bring to the attention of the dedicated audience that visits – consider placing a banner ad.  They are quite reasonable.  You will have your ad shown in random rotation for an entire year.  Small banner ads are $150 – (120 x 60 pixels).  Large banner ads are $300 (468 x 60 pixels).  If interested, please e-mail your banner ad in the appropriate amount of pixels to  Please include the URL you would like your ad to be connected to.  You can pay by check to LIFTF, or by PalPay under “The Foundation” and then “Donations.”  Just let us know when you send in your banner ad.

We also have journal ad space available in our 2013 LIIFE Journal – please e-mail for a journal ad form.

You can now pay for your membership to the Filmmakers Connection through PayPal on the website.  Please be sure to include your name, address, phone #, e-mail address, which area of the film industry you are involved in (ex. Writer/director/producer) and whether or not you are already getting this newsletter by e-mail.  Cost is $30 per year fee.  If you are a student with current ID, it is $15 to join.)
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Casting - Actors Needed

Casting In Network  Gout Medical Video to be used in select doctors office.
Films Feb 3rd  @ television studio in Bohemia Long Island 
(if you don't drive short train ride from Penn station) Pays $350/ day 
Please email headshots  or pictures ASAP -
 This will be a self taped audition you don't have to be a professional actor


Male Patient :
60 to 65 yrs old, approximately 5'9 and 220 lbs,
 think typical Midwesterner on the older and heavier side.
** Must be able to self tape audition** 

Female Patient:
Female, 55 to 65 yrs old, approximately 5'4 and 180 lbs,
 think typical Midwesterner on the older and heavier side.
** Must be able to self tape audition**

Good luck!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Locations Needed for Feature Films

Locations Needed for Feature Films

Hello everyone,        (These must be in Nassau County)
Hope your holidays we're wonderful!  We are looking for the following locations:

1)For an indie feature, horror film, they are in need of an old house from 1800's to 1900's, preferably one that is vacant or the homeowner is not staying there. They would like to keep their equipment there and, if possible, have 4 crew members stay overnight in the house.  This low-budget indie film stars Eric Roberts, Cathy Moriarty, Tom Pelphrey and Jim McCaffrey.
They would need the house for at least 10 days and they are willing to rent a vacant place for the entire month.This is a Ghost story and the family in the story is moving into a new home that is haunted. They need it for Feb 4th, crew is no more than 20 and cast in house will be up to 2 to 5 people but at different times. They can pay around $500 to $750 per day or a flat month rental fee for a vacant house.  They would need house for 5 days from 8 am to 8 pm. And 4 days from 4pm to 11 pm.And the family is moving in so the less furniture the better. If you have any referrals, please e-mail and reference Sebastian.

2) For a major feature film, beginning in February and for two months after, they need:
- concrete hard service approximately 1000' long x 500' wide
- ability to poor concrete to build up terrain for the stunt (all to be removed and restored) upon completion of filming.
- ability to make snow
- ability to place approximately 300 shipping containers around the perimeter of the space to create a "green screen"
- support lot for approximately 200 crew cars/catering/construction office trailer/necessary equipment/stunt vehicles/bathrooms/dumpsters etc.
If you have any suggestions, please e-mail and reference, Ninja.

3) For another (large) nameless feature, they’re looking for the following locations (and they’ve requested pictures): 
The basic feel of all these environments is working class, a city, people and places that saw better days 20 years ago, not like really bad, but a bit on the older, grittier side.
Basically – need everything
“PACKS OF STUDENTS mosey towards the campus. A classic
brick and stone Catholic School.”
For the EXTERIORS, a bunch of scenes are set with kids coming and going, cars in parking lot, cars pulling up out front – so it should have a bit of room, back a bit from the street, a reasonably workable space – also has to have a TRACK
“St. Francis de Sales Catholic School is just like any
other middle school. Diverse. Modern. Noisy.” (don’t make too much of the word “modern” --
Classrooms, Principals office, bathrooms, halls, computer lab
Auditorium with stage
A bit on the seedy side horse track. “Decrepit cars litter the lot.” Need all locations – track, horse stalls, the whole thing
Yonkers Raceway has trotters, script isn’t trotters but we should contact them anyway I think it could work and they are film friendly with Natascha.
c) INT. MISSION HILLS HOSPITAL – everything, all over the hospital, but there’s nothing special about it’s look – so any hospital with full access to nurse’s station, rooms, exam rooms, birth/operating room, all OBGYN examining room
NOTE this is “An expensive, well-kept convalescent center.”
And it has nice grounds with a duck pond – “sitting on a bench in front of a gorgeous pond,cluttered with ducks”
Interiors – halls, rooms, etc.
e)A BANK INTERIOR – “Standard bank” – again, most important is access to everything -- lobby, teller windows, office, safe deposit boxes – big enough to have a waiting line -- “An electronic arrow points him to TELLER WINDOW #23.”
f)There are two houses, next door to one another, that are in a lot of scenes. The neighborhood should be older, not wealthy, on the working class (Roseanne, Archie Bunker) side – there is a driveway between them
g)VIN’S HOUSE “Hits the picketfence on the neighbor’s border. Crash. It topples. Hits his own mailbox on the other side.”
INTERIOR “Vin puts his feet up on a weathered coffee table,
watching TV from his paisley pattered couch. The decor
is feminine inspired, twenty years ago.”
h)BAR  The Buck – “local dive bar. SMOKERS outside litter the sidewalk. The windows are painted with “Happy New Year” greetings. Old neon. Older PATRONS. Vin sits at the bar next to
LINDA and GUS, a weathered married couple in their late
60s. The hanging TV set plays New Year’s Eve coverage from around the country”
i)NAT’S DINER  a greasy spoon. Booths.
j)EXT. THE PINK CADILLAC - STRIP CLUB – Classic, dump strip bar in a rundown industrial strip
h)Another “neighborhood is lined with decrepid houses, iron gates shielding every window and door. Vin sits in hiscar outside one of the more indigent shacks.”
k)EXT. LA COUNTY FAMILY COURT - A gray stone court house.
If you have any suggestions for these (and hopefully photos), please e-mail to and reference – Weinstein.
Thank you.
Debra Markowitz

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gaffer Needed for Commercial

Gaffer Needed for Commercial

     Gaffer needed for a nonunion commercial, shooting on Jan 22nd in Riverhead.  If interested, please e-mail resume to  This is a paying job.

    Thank you.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Movie Extras Needed - Friday, January 11, 2013

So you want to get your start in the movies, and where do you begin?  You can begin as an extra in a SAG/NonSAG short indie film with an award winning cast and crew!

No pay, but a chance to be on a movie set.  Everyone has to start somewhere. Shooting on Long Island.  

If you are interested, please e-mail, and send a photo or headshot, and resume (if you have) or just your contact info.  This will be a courtroom scene, so appropriate attire for a courtroom is necessary.

Thank you.